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aeon activation center

3rd eye chakra

The Sixth Chakra – also known as the the Third Eye Chakra, the inner eye, or “Ajna” in Sanskrit – correlates to our mental abilities, psychological skills, and how we evaluate beliefs and attitudes.

Sitting between our eyes and being physically connected to the brain, pituitary, and pineal glands, this is the mind chakra. It resonates with the energy of our psyche, as well as our conscious and unconscious psychological tendencies.

This is the chakra of intuition, wisdom and our sixth sense. In Eastern philosophies, it is known as our ‘third eye’ and the spiritual center, which interacts with the rational mind in order to deepen our intuitive insight to see beyond the veil of illusion that is called “Maya.."


what is the aeon activation center? 

The aeon activation center is a mobile chakra.


This earth chakra, like the others, has a geometrical center and an ideal, expanded circumference. The difference is that this "third eye" moves 1/12th of the way around the world, to the west, at the dawn of each new Aeon.


The great Aeons are determined by a slow revolution of the Earth's axis. The names given to these Aeons are taken from the 12 signs of the zodiac. Currently, we are said to be leaving the Aeon of Pisces, and entering the Aeon of Aquarius. Sometime after 4000 AD, this shift occurs again, when the Earth enters the Capricornian Aeon.

The purpose of this activity is to distill the gathered wisdom of life on Earth from over the centuries, and then to use these fruits of wisdom to open new directions of Earth evolution. In each great Aeon, different themes are emphasized. Compassion, for example, was a key Word of the previous Piscean Aeon; physical immortality is the word of the new, emerging Aquarian Age.

At the present time (1904 to 2084) the sixth chakra is geographically conjunct with the world heart chakra in western Europe. In terms of time, this Aquarian frequency is at its most potent in April and May of 2008 AD. Worldwide cultural forces which accelerate at this time reach their full maturity in 2065 AD.


What is prophecy? 

Definition of prophecy


1: an inspired utterance of a prophet

2: the function or vocation of a prophet specifically : the inspired declaration of divine will and purpose

3: a prediction of something to come

Prophecy, in religion, a divinely inspired revelation or interpretation. Although prophecy is perhaps most commonly associated with Judaism and Christianity, it is found throughout the religions of the world, both ancient and modern.

Can we change the future? 


C.S. Lewis once said, "you can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending."

Science and prophecy

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists announced that its symbolic Doomsday Clock remains at 100 seconds to midnight, the same as last year. That's the closest the timepiece has been to symbolic doom in the more than 70 years of its existence. 


The clock doesn't function as a prediction of calamity but rather represents humanity’s perceived proximity to human-caused catastrophe.


The Bulletin has maintained the Doomsday Clock since 1947, and it has become a stark visual metaphor since its launch during the Cold War, when the clock's hands were set at seven minutes to midnight.  As of August 2018, the Bulletin's Board of Sponsors boasts 14 Nobel Laureates. According to a group of scientists, the coronavirus pandemic, coupled with growing threats from climate change and nuclear weapons, is pushing civilization close to a human-caused apocalypse. 

prophetic words
from our ancestors

Mount Shasta Prophecy

Mount Shasta is considered the root or base chakra that underpins our collective survival. As long as the chakra is fully functioning all is well with the human race; but if the site is disrupted -- by an eruption, for example -- the humanity's survival is in peril. A prophecy from the time when the native tribes were displaced says that if Mount Shasta loses its snow and glaciers, its next eruption is drawing close. 

Incan Prophecy

Pachakuti, a Quechua word, literally translates to mean the return of time, change, or disturbance. This prophecy therefore speaks of a period of upheaval and cosmic transformation. It signifies a reversal of the world, an overturning of the space/time continuum, and foretells of a grand cataclysmic event.

A Pacha, being a span of 500 years, is a traditional way that the Inca read time. The time of the first arrival of the Spanish to the Americas coincided with one Pachakuti. It’s said that this era recently came to an end with the arrival of another Pachakuti, this time leading way to set the world right-side up and to return to a golden era. It’s said that the Andean people and their native historical culture will see a resurgence, and rise out of the previous period of conquest and oppression and begin to thrive and return to a period of grandeur.

The Pachakuti also speaks of the tumultuous nature of our current world, in particular, the environmental destruction of the earth, transforming and returning to one of balance, harmony, and sustainability. This will happen as we people change their ways of thinking, and become more conscious. Therefore the Pachakuti is representative of the death of an old way of thinking about the world in which we live and an elevation to a higher state of consciousness. In this way, we can describe ourselves not as who we are or were, but who we are becoming.

Australian Aboriginal Prophecies

Prophecies handed down from generation to generation of the Australian aboriginal Elders speak of the coming of the end times of one dimension as we enter another. One of the prophecies from the Australian Aboriginals has to do with 'black rain' falling at the end time.

"I was in dreamtime. I seen this great wave going. I tell people about this wave. It wasn't a tidal wave. This was a spiritual wave. So, to me, I believe that the Dreamtime is going to be that. 


I believe the revival is going to start in Australia when we're Dreaming. It's the humming bee that I'm talking about. And love. We've got to learn to love one another.

You see, that's really what's going to happen to the earth. We're going to have tidal waves. We're going to have earthquakes.

That's coming because we don't consider this land as our Mother. We've taken away the balance, and we're not putting it back."

Prophecies from Avalon

Welsh literature has examples of a prophetic literature, predicting the military victory of all of the Celtic peoples of Great Britain who will join together and drive the English – and later the Normans – back into the sea. Some of these works were presented as prophecies of Myrddin.

"Myrddin the Wild", is a figure in medieval Welsh legend. A prophet and a madman, he was introduced into Arthurian legend by Geoffrey of Monmouth as Merlin the wizard, associated with the town of Carmarthen in South Wales. In Middle Welsh poetry he is accounted a chief bard, the speaker of several poems in The Black Book of Carmarthen and The Red Book of Hergest.


The Armes Prydein (one of the earliest mentions of him) contains the line “Myrddin foretells that they will meet”. The tradition was apparently shared with Cornish literature, however only a single Latin translation of a lost Cornish-language original Prophecy of Merlin exists in the Vatican library by John of Cornwall

Ancient Egyptian End Prophecy in the Book of Gates

The Book of Gates (sometimes also known as the “Book of Pylons”) is an ancient Egyptian religious text dating from the New Kingdom describing the journey of a deceased soul though the underworld with reference to the journey of the sun god (Ra) during the hours of the night.

Probably the most famous section of the Book of Gates is the text which describes the different races of people. The Egyptians divided all people into “Libyans”, “Nubians”, “Asiatics”, and “Egyptians”. All races were welcome in the afterworld and all are depicted journeying through its chambers.

In the final hour of the Book of Gates the sun god moves towards the exit from the netherworld and is reborn. In the upper register on the left stand: Four gods holding a disk in their right hands (“they who hold light-giving disks”), four gods holding a star in their right hands (“they who hold stars”), four gods holding a scepter in their left hands (“they who come forth”), four ram-headed gods holding a scepter in their left hands (Ba, Khnum, Penter, and Tent), four hawk-headed gods holding a scepter in their left hands (Horus, Ashemth, Sept and Ammiuaaf), eight female figures seated on a chair made from a uraeus with its body coiled up, each holding a star in her left hand (“the protecting hours”), and a crocodile-headed god called SobekRa who holds a coil of a serpent that stands on its tail in his right hand, and a scepter in his left.

Oracle of Tibet


The Nechung Oracle is the State Oracle of Tibet. The medium of the State Oracle currently resides with the current Dalai Lama in DharamsalaIndia.


Prior to the Himalayan diaspora resulting from the annexation of Tibet by the People's Republic of China, the Nechung Oracle was the designated head of the Nechung monastery in Tibet.

In Tibet and throughout the greater Himalayan region, oracles have played, and continue to play, an important part in revelationreligiondoctrine, and prophecy. In Tibet, the Nechung Oracle and other oracles on occasion, have also played principal roles assisting governmental decision-making and providing intelligence on pressing matters of state, and perhaps most importantly aid in the provision of security for the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.

Why do we refer to glastonbury as avalon?

Though no longer an island in the 12th century, the high conical bulk of Glastonbury Tor in today's South-West England had been surrounded by marsh prior to the draining of fenland in the Somerset Levels.

At the end of 12th century, Gerald of Wales wrote in De instructione principis:

"What is now known as Glastonbury was, in ancient times, called the Isle of Avalon. It is virtually an island, for it is completely surrounded by marshlands.


In Welsh it is called Ynys Afallach, which means the Island of Apples and this fruit once grew in great abundance. (Avalon is derived from Old Welsh, Old Cornish, or Old Breton aball or avallen, "apple tree, fruit tree")


After the Battle of Camlann, a noblewoman called Morgan, later the ruler and patroness of these parts as well as being a close blood-relation of King Arthur, carried him off to the island, now known as Glastonbury, so that his wounds could be cared for.


Years ago the district had also been called Ynys Gutrin in Welsh, that is the Island of Glass, and from these words the invading Saxons later coined the place-name "Glastingebury"."

The_Death_of_King_Arthur_by_James_Archer_(1860) (1).jpg

Travelling to Avalon, Avenbury and Stonehenge to remember the dead

Many modern historians and archaeologists now agree that several distinct tribes of people contributed to Stonehenge, each undertaking a different phase of its construction.

There is strong archaeological evidence that Stonehenge was used as a burial site, at least for part of its long history, but most scholars believe it served other functions as well—either as a ceremonial site, a religious pilgrimage destination, a final resting place for royalty or a memorial erected to honor and perhaps spiritually connect with distant ancestors.



Merlin, Prophecy and Stonehenge

According to legend, the stone circle was originally located in Africa, and giants relocated it to Ireland to serve as a magical center for healing. Later, the legend goes, Merlin had giants transport the stones to the current site at Salisbury Plain and reassemble them there as a monument to Britons killed while fighting the invading Saxons.

Parker Pearson said that when the legend was written down in the 12th century, the far west of Wales was considered part of Ireland.

On February 16, 2021 it was reported that the Original 'Stonehenge' was discovered, echoing the legend of the wizard Merlin. 


Excavations have shown that the ruined Neolithic monument at Wuan Mawn in southwest Wales was originally an entire circle of local stones with exactly the same diameter of the very first stone circle at Stonehenge. Archaeologists think many of the stones from Wuan Mawn were dug-up by local people more than 5,000 years ago and transported to the west of England, where they were reassembled as Stonehenge. One of the now-empty stone holes at  Wuan Mawn has the same unusual five-sided cross-section as one of the bluestones at Stonehenge, and it contained chips of rock of a type that match the Stonehenge stone. 


Archaeologists also think the stones at Wuan Mawn and other stone circles nearby represented ancestors or ancestral lineages to families of Neolithic people from the area.


Can't get to Avalon? Donate money to plant a tree there instead

Reimagining the Levels, in partnership with the Somerset Rivers Authority, Farmers and Wildlife Advisory Group SouthWest and the Woodland Trust, have funding, expertise and materials available for small plantings of trees and hedges that will aid water management.


In recent years, Somerset has experienced sudden and prolonged flooding from extreme weather events and Somerset Rivers Authority is keen to support local flood management schemes. Slowing the flow of water by allowing it to percolate through the soil into the aquifers rather than overwhelming streams and rivers is the focus of the scheme. It is a way of working with nature to alleviate flood risk, using trees to infiltrate the soil and intercept heavy rainfall. 

They are also preparing for a busy tree-planting season (November – March) and would like to recruit volunteers to help out. Their aim is to plant trees and hedgerows on small(ish) pockets of land that will ‘slow the flow’ of water and contribute to water and flood management. They are also working with community groups planting woodlands and orchards.

Unfortunately, the level of tree cover in Somerset is woefully low.  The national average is 13% cover (compared to an EU average of 35%) and within Somerset their cover is just 6%.  Reimagining the Levels have been working to encourage and persuade more tree planting in their catchments and river plains, and have planted on seven specific sites last winter but they need help to allow them and all of their community based partners across Somerset to do more.

If you have ever thought that planting a tree would be a good thing to do but don’t know how to go about it here is some GOOD NEWS! Reimagining the Levels is now partnered with the Somerset Community Foundation and can receive donations for tree planting in Somerset. These donations can make use of Gift Aid to maximize their value.

For guidance:

£25 will buy 10 trees with biodegradable protective cases, supports and mulch

£50 will buy 20 trees with biodegradable protective cases, supports and mulch

£100 will buy 40 trees with biodegradable protective cases, supports and mulch

£250 will buy 100 trees with biodegradable protective cases, supports and mulch

All monies accumulated in the account will go to purchasing and planting trees in Somerset and the benefits will be immediate. They encourage you to plant trees in memory of a loved one-- for your granny or grandpa, children, friends or yourself – everyone benefits!

Somerset Community Foundation – Donate now

element of the
third eye chakra

This is one of the most well known chakras. Often called the third eye, it relates to our inner and psychic vision as well as strategic planning functions. 

The Ajna chakra is associated with light and illumination. You carry wisdom within you, a “light,” that can brighten your path. When you tap into the Ajna chakra you have a greater awareness of the world around you, and your eyes are truly open.

This chakra’s color is indigo, a blue hue associated with wisdom and deep inner knowledge. This chakra’s symbol consists of two lotus petals, a downward-facing triangle (representing enlightenment), and the seed mantra Om in the center.

The third-eye chakra is associated with higher knowledge, intuition, and what you might think of as your sixth sense. The third eye helps you perceive a cosmic vision beyond the physical world that your eyes can see. It connects you to your intuition and illuminates everything as it is without the filter of your past, your expectations, or your judgment. Ajna chakra is also linked to imagination and visualization. Ajna is associated iwth the brain, pituitary gland, neurological system, sinuses, thalamus, and parts of the ears, nose and pineal gland. 

When Ajna is functioning well, you trust your inner wisdom. When it’s blocked, you feel close-minded.

Misalignment of the third eye chakra can result in physical and mental difficulties.  Your mind may constantly feel in overdrive. You may notice the following symptoms:

  • eye sight problems, blindness

  • depression, anxiety

  • hormone imbalances

  • dyslexia and other learning issues

  • insomnia

  • sinusitis 

  • dizziness

  • nervous breakdowns

  • blood pressure problems 

  • headache, migraines

  • strokes


the Ajna chakra, 
often called the third eye chakra,
it helps us to forsee the future and manifest our dreams.


Deficiencies lead to: 

  • denial of problems

  • codependency

  • bitterness and cynicism


Excess results in: 

  • fantasizing

  • self-centeredness 

  • turmoil

Healing the 3rd eye chakra 

Light illuminates the darkness and it is through this chakra that we foresee the future and manifest our dreams. It is said that the sum total of this chakra's senses is to have the ability to remain in the present while planning for the future.

Archetypes for this chakra: 

  • Positive: the intuitive, who uses extrasensory perceptions to transform daily life into something sacred

  • Negative: the critic, who is manipulative and overly analytical. 

Ways to Plan for the Future: 

Rank the areas below from 1 - 11 with 1 being most important and 11 being least important. Then write out your goals for the areas and also note what is currently stopping you from reaching those goals. The areas are: 

  • Home

  • Friendships

  • Romantic Relationships

  • Family

  • Career

  • Travel

  • Car/Transportation

  • Health

  • Community

  • Hobbies

  • Fashion

Some ideas to get you started with envisioning your future: 

  • Write a letter to your future self

  • Mind mapping (what do you want to accomplish this year? what are your priorities? what are specific ideas for your personal life, blog, business?)

  • Pinterest pinning with intention 

  • Create a vision board and keep it where you can see it


Balancing the 3rd eye chakra

Balancing the chakras requires patience and a high level of awareness. 


With the Third-Eye Chakra, a balanced state improves the physical and the spiritual. The intuition becomes strong as it is easier to listen to the inner wisdom. Equal importance is given to emotions as well as logic to make correct decisions in life.

A person with an overactive Ajna Chakra should spend more time with nature. It calms the overwhelming energies of the mind. Connecting to earth activates the basic instinct of groundedness in human beings.


Likewise, an underactive Ajna Chakra could be brought to focus by practicing meditation in a peaceful space. Channelizing the energies is a skill that improves with practice. Maintaining a journal of thought patterns is also a good habit to increase awareness.


is there an ancient prophecy that can help our global tribe today? 

The Bible is the world's most printed, most sold nonfiction book. So, chances are that you have or can borrow the book that has one of the most famous prophecies of all time.


One prophecy that exists for the world today is in the book of Revelation of the Bible. In this revelation, the prophet tells John to, "Write, therefore, what you have seen, what is now and what will take place later." As the prophet speaks he addresses "7 churches" which are 7 groups of people around the world. The prophet lets the people know that he sees them and the deeds that they have done over time. He also acknowledges that he is seen differently by each of these groups. For some he is the power of words and weapons, for some he is seen as seven stars or a golden lampstand, and for some he is a crown. Each group sees him and his power differently, and he sees each group differently. Finally, he tells each group where they have strayed and how they can be restored to fullness. 

The 7 "churches"




Ephesus is the Middle East and North Africa​.

Here, the being is seen as: him who holds the seven stars in his right hand (People of the right hand and the five pointed star reflects the Five Pillars of Islam) and walks among the seven golden lampstands (the menorah, the ideal of universal enlightenment). Seven is an important number in both Judaism and Islam. 




Smyrna is Africa. 

Here, the being is seen as: him who is the First and the Last, who died and came to life again (as first of all men and the belief in reincarnation like among the Igbo of Nigeria)




Pergamos is North & Central America.

Here, the being is seen as: him who has the sharp, double-edged sword (the one who wields his weapons to show power)




Thyatira is Asia.

Here the being is seen as: the Son of God, whose eyes are like blazing fire (Shiva's 3rd eye) and whose feet are like burnished bronze (Buddha)​​​




Sardis is South America & the Caribbean.

Here the being is seen as: him who holds the seven spirits of God (From the book of Isaiah, "The Spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD, and He will delight in the fear of the Lord") and the seven stars (the Pleiades star cluster)




Philadelphia is Australia​ & Oceania.

Here the being is seen as: him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David (Christianity is the dominant religion in this area, and the people worship as David did, a man after God's own heart)




Laodicea is Europe​

Here the being is seen as: the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the ruler of God’s creation (Amen being the one who has the final word and a wide range of rulership being seen as the source of power) 


Interested in learning more about this prophecy and how it relates to you and the people of the world? Read Revelation 2 and Revelation 3


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